Tenerife 2016

Hi everyone 

In June 2016 me and my girlfriend booked a 2 week holiday in Tenerife. I got so excited as it was my first ever holiday abroad. I aldo felt as I don’t like planes or hights. I thought to myself if I don’t go on this holiday then I will regret it and may never bring myself to do so. We stayed at a wonderful place called Hotel Paradise Park.

The day we flew out quickly came around and I had mixed emotions. Boarding the plane I felt scared knowing that I was going thousands of feet up in the air and there was nothing I could do. When I sat in my seat my heart was racing and I could hear the engine getting louder and louder, I got even more scared didn’t even know that was the engine starting up. The cabin crew started going through the health and safety and I didn’t like that one bit. We then started taxiing to the run way, then the engine got louder again. The plane started to move and get faster my head moved back into the seat as we lifted off the ground. I looked outside the window even though it was a beautiful view I didn’t like it, I felt like I was going to faint. To stop myself from fainting I had to quickly look straight down the plane. Once the plane was up in the air and had leveled out, I started to feel so much better. It only took us 4 and half hours. I then thought to myself as those hours went by ‘we have to land yet’. For me, landing was the worst experience ever. It was a relief when we had landed and it was a great feeling knowing that I was back on the ground, in a different country and on holiday. I was here to enjoy myself.

At the airport we waited for our luggage (which took ages, we were almost the last ones) and went to get our coach transfer to the hotel. Our hotel was second on route. On arriving at the hotel we went to the reception desk to check in and get our room keys. When we got to our room we dropped our suitcases off and went to explore the hotel. We were both excited and wanted make the most of our holiday. Walking around we discovered bars, the amazing pools, pool tables, a spa and a gym.

The first day we just stayed by the pool. We just wanted to experience what the pools were like. As my girlfriend was pregnant she didn’t do too much but I wanted to go swimming. Something silly I had done was the fact I didn’t put a high factor suncream on. This meant I got burnt a lot and it ruined the first week of my holiday. I heald fairly quickly and I was back on track to enjoy my holiday to the full. I will now know for next time to put a higher factor suncream on.

The day we went to siam park we were waiting for the free bus. When it arrived it looked great as it had pictures of siam park printed on the sides, it looked beautiful. It was a lovely hot day, at this point i was still burnt. Once we got there I kept telling myself I was going to go on the big water slide but when I saw the tower slide I said there is no way I am in going on that. However, me and my girlfriend went on the lazy river which was great! We went under a tube where the sharks and jelly fish swam above us. We also went to the wave machine that was awesome too. I just couldn’t believe how hot it was compared to the UK. 

A few days later we went to loro parque I just couldn’t wait to see my favourite animal and that’s a gorilla. The gorilla was huge, what a beast he was, he didn’t care what so ever. We saw white tigers they also looked amazing. The highlight of our holiday was when we went and see the killer whales, me and my girlfriend sat in the splash zone and didn’t even realise we were going to get soaking wet. It was so funny but Tasha didn’t think so as she got her iPhone 6 wet and I mean wet. We then had to go as we were soaking and we needed to dry off, it only toke us about 5 mins to dry off. We then went in again for the next show. We watched these other woman sit down in the splash zone but they sat right down the bottom even further then we had originally. We laughed our heads off. So yes, I think that this was the best day we had while on holiday.

I didn’t want to go back home as the 2 weeks went by so fast. I wanted to stay longer. We had to leave our hotel room at lunch time but didn’t have our coach transfer until till 4. It was a bit boring as all our stuff was locked away and had nothing to do. It was sad knowing we were going home. Once we got to the airport and I saw everyone preparing their tickets for check in, I knew I had to do it all again on the plane. However, I had a better experience coming back home and didn’t arrive back at Gatwick until 12am. It was great to finally be home but I would like to say if anyone plans on booking a holiday anywhere I would say to go and visit tenerife as I would recommend it 100%.

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All about me …

Hi everyone 

My name is Aron, I am from the UK living in London I’m 24 years old I have a beautiful girlfriend. I also have a beautiful daughter called Darcie she is 7 weeks old on Tuesday she means the world to me. I have 5 siblings 4 sisters and 1 brother but unfortunately I lost a brother and sister they are all older then me. I have 2 nephews and 4 nieces.

In my new blog I will be talking about:

  • Gaming
  • Fashion
  • Fitness
  • Football

Gaming : In my spare time I like to play on my playstation 4 playing fifa, grand theft auto, call of duty and talking to people around the world on the mic and getting to know everyone and making friends 

Fashion: I love shopping in like blu-Inc, river island and next. I wear small or slim fit sizes as I like them to fit nicely. I find wearing dessert boots or smart shoes stand out and pull a look together. 

Fitness: I like to keep fit and healthy eat all the right foods too I used to go to a gym but then I gave that up as it got a lot harder as I started working a lot more hours. I thought I could just workout at home and it became a lot more easier for me. I started to follow a man from US called Mike sixpackshortcuts. You just need to make sure you keep on track with all the healthy eating and work out. It can get hard, it just depends if you really want to do it as well. If you put ur heart and soul into it you can get to where you want to get too.

 Sports: I like all kinds of sports football, darts, tennis and WWE. My favourite has to be football. I support Arsenal football club and I have been supporting Arsenal for over 16 years. I actually have a tattoo of arsenal on my left arm. My favourite Arsenal player was Tony Adams. I used to go to Highbuy a lot before we moved to emirates stadium.

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